Selling Fearlessly

Most of my prospects do ask me to give them price list; I have given price list to “not few” of them, but disgustingly none of them placed an order. So today I decided to google my situation and see if I was doing something wrong. Then I came across an article called “Selling Fearlessly” by Mr. Robert Terson. The article started with a sentence that captured my attention and drove me to continue reading the article. It reads “Don’t just automatically give price”. I was like “Really?”…….

So what do you do when your prospect ask you the same boring question, “Can you give me the price list”?

Here is Terson’s reply…  

Dear (name of prospect),

Thank you for your interest in [specific product or service]; it’s much appreciated. However, simply giving you a price without being able to talk to you, without being able to ask you the vital questions necessary to completely understand your particular situation, your specific wants, needs, and problems that you’d give almost anything to solve, is in neither of our best interests. All you’ll receive is a number, which will not differentiate any of the other vitally important aspects of why you should (or shouldn’t; at this point it’s impossible to know) do business with me and [name of my/your company], and I won’t get the opportunity to serve you in the highly professional manner that I demand of myself. That’s just not how I do business, [name of individual]. If, however, you’ll give me the opportunity to interview you, to discover if doing business with me and [name of my/your company] is the right choice for you, well, I believe that’s time you’ll find is well spent and worthwhile. I hope you’ll give me that opportunity. I’ll tell you this flat out: If at any point you think your precious time is being wasted, I’ll shut up and shake your hand.

I take a lot of pride in how I serve my clients [or “customers”; whichever fits], how I better their lives. If that’s the kind of individual you enjoy doing business with—someone you can completely count on 100% of the time–I’m someone you want to get to know. If, however, you just want a price without the kind of professional interaction I’ve described, I’m sure there are plenty of other “salespeople” who will accommodate you.

Very respectfully yours,


It’s like “WOW” right?


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